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Personal Project: Rockin' Rooster

Kellogg's On the Go Breakfast 101

Personal Project: Pirate Octopus

Kellogg's Time for a Break

Kellogg's Hand-held Breakfast

Personal Project: Spaceman

Undercover Doxie LLC


KFC Kids' Laptop Pack: SeaWorld / Crayola / Astros

Starbucks Breakfast Bakery Slices

Starbucks Breakfast Impromptus

AlphabetHoops: I've Been Hoopnotized

Starbucks Breakfast product display

Starbucks Breakfast Revolutions

Kellogg's Nutri-Grain / Pop-Tarts / Special K Bar

AlphabetHoops: Hooping Diva

AlphabetHoops: Ringmaster, Afro

AlphabetHoops: Ringmaster, Silver

AlphabetHoops: Ringmaster, Redhead

AlphabetHoops: Ringmaster, Blonde

AlphabetHoops: Ringmaster, Brunette

Kellogg's / Franklin Institute

Evian / U.S. Open / Sutter Home / Wilson

NRA Outdoors

Xbox / Pontiac

Personal Project: Diablo Azul

Kellogg's / Backyard Burgers

Kellogg's Pajama-Rama

Personal Project: Alien Style

Kellogg's Racing

Kentwood Springs

Personal Project: Monkey Cowboy

Personal Project: Robot Parade

Personal Project: Robot or Monkey

Burger King / Minute Maid

Kellogg's Pit Stop and Big Energy